Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S – Record Drive at Nurburgring Nordschleife

Volkswagen has swept past Honda in the race for Nürburgring bragging rights, having lopped 1.42 seconds off the existing front-drive production Nordschleife record in a Golf GTI Clubsport S. With no rear seats, insulation or floor mats, the Clubsport S is a limited edition GTI designed with laptimes, not the daily commute, in mind. To undercut Honda and achieve its 7:49.21 Nordschleife time, Volkswagen was forced to put its most powerful Golf GTI on a strict diet. Compared to the regular Clubsport, the Clubsport S does without its rear seats, sound insulation and floor mats. In their place you get a strut brace, a partition net behind the seat, carpeting on the boot floor and not much else. Also contributing to the weight-saving measures is an aluminum front subframe.